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While still not having putting the parking meters to use in Barrier Reef Drive (Front Street), the San Pedro Town Council today informed residents plans to use portions of the Saca Chispas field as a parking area, expanding the much-needed parking availability in town.

Acknowledging the significance of the multi-use Saca Chispas field for community events, the Town Council assures residents that careful consideration is being given to ensure that parking activities coexist harmoniously with present and future community uses. Recognizing that the field belongs to everyone, detailed planning is underway to strike the right balance. Still, the decision is already receiving criticism from residents who think the used space for parking will hinder or stop sporting activities and special events.

Parts of Saca Chispas Field To Be Used for Public Parking

To cater to the diverse parking needs of the community, the inside perimeter of the Saca Chispas field will be made available for paid parking, the Town Council mentioned in their post. In an effort to support daily workers, discounted parking options will be offered, making it more convenient for them to access their workplaces without the hassle of searching for parking spaces.

While the exact details are being finalized, Town Council officials promise to keep the public informed about the progress and specific arrangements in the coming days. The usage of the Saca Chispas field as a parking facility aims to alleviate congestion in downtown San Pedro, providing a much-needed solution for residents and visitors alike.

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