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More on Buried Treasures in San Pedro

The buried treasurers at “Boca Ciega” (Blind Mouth) that were described a few issues ago are not the only treasurers found on Ambergris Caye. We know that there is buried jade at Marco Gonzalez Maya ruins for villagers have claimed to have extracted a jade head and sold it for a couple hundred dollars. Villagers have also found in the past gold coins right on the seaside, and these were not modern day gold coins.

Where are the buried treasures? People have literally come to San Pedro and have done excavations looking for buried treasure chests. I don’t know if anyone has been successful in this hunt, but keep on reading. I am going to share an idea that might lead you to such a discovery.

There are two types of buried treasures on Ambergris Caye. First there are the large treasure chests filled with gold and jewelry and precious stones, which the pirates stole from merchant ships. Many of these pirates anchored in front of Ambergris Caye or were shipwrecked. Once on land, they looked for fish and turtle meat, which abounded in our waters and beaches. And to safekeep their t reassures, these pirates dug huge holes along the beach and buried the chests. They usually killed a member of the crew and buried him too, right beside the chest. It is alleged that they also planted a pine tree as a landmark for the treasure.

Although no map or other documents have been found, it is a good idea for any treasure hunter to start from the southernmost tip of Ambergris Caye and work his way northward. It is only about 25 miles, so happy hunting. Ah, you might also try first the sites of the huge pine trees.

The other treasures are buried all over the town of San Pedro. First of all, you need to remember that back then there were no banks in San Pedro and the villagers did have some money and gold items to safeguard. Therefore, they put their valuables in large clay jars or bottles, dug a large hole by the corner of the yard and buried them in the middle of the night when nobody could see them. Now, some of these folks died without actually recovering their buried wealth and without telling anyone their secret spot. Some actually got too old and forgot the spot, so there are many such money jars buried at the back corner of may yards or lots in San Pedro.

Now I will reveal to you of one definite spot. I was born in a small thatch house right where Nellie Gomez’s family lives, yes, at the laundromat. Now, the older folks used to say that on a very dark night you would see flames or a small fire over the ground where gold coins are buried. And listen to this, my mother assures me that she once saw the flames at the northern corner of that yard where we lived in the early 50’s. Our family never dug the spot because my parents were cowards. You see, you must take a very dark night and dig for the treasure at midnight. No one should see you, or talk to you. If that should happen, the gold will turn to ashes. Now you understand why when digging all over San Pedro, you will see ashes underground. Like this spot, there have been many other sightings of this flame. The question is: “Will Nellie allow you to go dig in her yard. Of course not!” You better start digging at the corner of your yard. Have you ever wondered why the cost of a lot right in the middle of San Pedro Town is quite expensive? It is due to these buried treasures that the cost of these lots are rather high.

If you run into bad luck, there are a few possibilities. Some of our ancestors used to make up some fantastic stories, or some of the fires might have been from a barbecue. A third possibility of failure is that Mr. Blake, landowner at the time, might have changed the marks of the lots so that the corner posts have been moved elsewhere. Whatever your luck, don’t give up. Keep on digging and do not tell anyone when you have found it. Just give me a big smile to indicate that you have found the treasure. Happy treasure hunting!

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