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“Lobster Licking Good”

You would think that the front page of a newspaper is the one page that attracts first attention, but it is not always the case. When I talk to a lot of locals, they claim that the first thing they check is “Pepito” by Perlita, and a whole lot of other residents claim they first read the column “Twenty Five Years Ago”. A few U.S. friends tell me they particularly enjoy my old fish recipes. So here goes especially to you, some lobster recipes we enjoyed 25 years ago.

STEAMED LOBSTER: Just put little water in the pot and drop the tails into the boiling water for about four minutes. Add some salt to the water. Remove meat from shell and dice. Add some lime, black pepper, chopped onions and its ready to go. It is not a meal. It is just a fine way to enjoy lobsters.

FRIED LOBSTER: Boil in water with a bit of salt. Do not over-boil; two or three minutes the most. Dice the lobster tails and fry with onions, parsley, black pepper and nothing else. Allow to stick to pan a bit so that the edges of the meat get scorched. This gives it added island flavor. Enjoy this with flour tortillas and refried beans. This recipe is extra special when you use the head of the lobster and use that brownish fat found inside the head.

BAKED LOBSTER: Cut open the tails horizontally. Apply some butter, light salt, garlic powder, parsley, and wrap in tin foil. Place over the charcoal grill for about 5 to 8 minutes. Please do not overcook. It is better to eat a bit raw than hard and overcooked. Lobster does not have any blood, so why overcook. Open tin foil and eat baked lobsters with some greens, or mashed potatoes, or whatever. I love them just like that with nothing else.

KENTUCKY FRIED LOBSTERS: Cut open tail horizontally. Remove two pieces of meat from shell. Add some season all. Dip into an egg batter. Cover with flour and deep fry for about two to three minutes. Serve hot with French fries just like you would serve a fried chicken.

LOBSTER SALAD: Bring to a boil, two to three minutes. Dice or shred into small pieces. Add a can of vegetable salad, some boiled eggs and mix well. Optionally you can add a bit of mayonnaise, some mustard, chopped onions and mix well. Goes well with crackers, or just like that as you sit at your verandah and enjoy lobster island style.

LOBSTER CHECHAK: This is the famous soup prepared with red recado, an island seasoning. Stir fry or sauté some onions and tomatoes in the pan. Add some boiling water, salt to taste, black pepper, and the dissolved recado. Drop in the lobster tails and boil only for three minutes. You may play around and add ground foods or other ingredients you like into your soup. When you turn off the fire, add some coconut milk, (not coconut water), or as a substitute some low fat cow milk. Served with white rice, this chechak has been known as an aphrodisiac.

LOBSTER CEVICHE: Boil lobster tails lightly and chop or dice. Add chopped onions, diced tomatoes, cilantro, salt and black pepper and of course some lime juice. Let stand for half an hour. When you start eating, you won’t be able to stop.

LOBSTER COCKTAIL: Boil lobster for short time and shred or dice. Add chopped onions, diced tomatoes, cilantro, salt and black pepper, some lime juice, and now tomato ketchup very generously and some Lea and Perrins sauce. Let stand for a few minutes and then it is ready. Warning: only good for married men and women as it is a potent aphrodisiac as well.

LOBSTER SUSHI: Dice raw lobster tails and place into a deep container. Add a lot of lime juice to cover lobster. Let stand for one hour for lime to do the cooking. Add chopped onions, tomatoes, salt and black pepper, cilantro. This is a delicious ceviche, except that it was not boiled originally.

I got to stop guys, for if your wife ends up pregnant even at age 50 or 60, you guys are going to sue me or blame Twenty Five Years Ago for your good fortune. Enjoy lobster season 2003-2004.

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