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Blessed Home Remedies

Today we will concentrate on the teeth. There is a lot to be said about the teeth today, but even more so about them twenty five years ago.

Before I start I want to ask you if you have ever seen a Mayan skull with rotten teeth. No, right? And that is my point. If we go 2,000 years ago or more in the days of the Mayas, they kept good teeth and that was because of the white lime that was used in washing the corn before baking the corn tortillas. And the Mayas had no junk food. So if you want good healthy teeth, start using white lime to wash the mouth and stop eating candies.

Now for some more serious treatment of the teeth. If you had a severe toothache due to some cavity, rotten teeth, etc, there was this medication that was a cure for all- Dr. Castro. A few drops in a tablespoonful of water and Dr. Castro got rid of your toothache.

For more effectiveness, you soak a piece of cotton in the Castro and you bite it between your teeth. Repeat that every half an hour and pretty soon you can sleep like a baby. Please note that Dr. Castor might have some alcohol in it, for when an alcoholic husband was out of white rum and out of money, he would steal the Castro from the medicine kit and drink it. Dangerous, eh?

And here is another remedy for toothache that was common for adults 25 years ago, and it has to do with tobacco. If you puff on a cigarette and hold the smoke in the mouth, it had a soothing effect on the toothache.

At times dad would have a family member chew the tobacco in a cigarette as a medication for the toothache. And what worked even better, if you could get hold of a tobacco leaf, you chew on that for the same effect. There were two or three persons who grew tobacco in their backyards for their own chewing cravings, so we were sent to don Cleto or don Inez to get a leaf for the toothache healing. Now if you know what a torment toothache is, then those guys, don Cleto and don Inez were like saints in the village.

Now I promised last week that I would reveal to you how to cause someone’s teeth to drop. It is simple. If someone were to bite you on the arm, hand or leg, you simply take some garlic and rub it over the wound. Better yet, if the bite caused a crack, then you place a piece of garlic over the injury and you bandage it.

Pretty soon you would see that attacker lose his teeth. Now I will tell you how it definitely worked. If you were bitten by a five year old and you did this secret, pretty soon that little chap would be losing his mild teeth anyway. So when you notice that, you would swear that the “teeth dropping technique” actually worked.

Well, enough on the teeth folks. Seems like this is a hot topic and people are asking for all types of remedies. I’ll get them to you one by one. I’ve got a lot of them, including how you can guarantee that your next baby will be a boy, yes, a male. Stay tune!

– by Angel Nuñez, Columnist

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