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Strange Happenings of the Past

At one time I wrote about several fables like the story of the giant lobster whose shell was used as a dory. But these are legends, so I did not wish to place these other happenings in that category. I prefer to call these strange happenings, and leave you with the decision to believe or not. Say for example twenty five years from now, in the year 2035 someone tells you about the sink hole that appeared or was formed the morning of the earthquake. Would you take that as a fable or as a real happening? Or someone would tell you in the year 2040 about this alligator that attacked a young man, ripped off only one of his arms and left him standing semi naked in the middle of a pond. Fable or strange phenomenon? I got you thinking, right? So before I even start, I invite you to give me some feedback, comments, photos if you will on this strange phenomenon or one of your own.

The first is a simple one. This fisherman alleges to have seen a horse conch (the ones we call mai mula used to make cebiche) actually floating in the middle of the sea. Actually he was paddling his dory looking for conch when he noticed this object floating near his canoe. At close range he could verify that it was a conch in its shell. When he attempted to take hold of it, the ripples created by his paddle caused the conch to sink to the bottom.

When he told his friends about this strange phenomenon, he said he himself could not believe it because he knows these are heavy shell animals and no known for their buoyancy. And most of his friends agued for hours on this topic. But why should he want to make up such a story. He was not known as a drinker and he did not relate this experience at a bar. In fact he did not even drink. He had no photographs to prove it as we would do today. Which fisherman would go out to sea with a camera? Now I once posed this strange phenomenon to a biologist and he told me that that has been known to occur. What do you think about this strange happening? I got several more, including one about a night fisherman who actually passed the north star or morning star and left it behind. Stay tuned, and don’t you ha ha me.

– by Angel Nuñez, Columnist

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