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The Souls Of The Dead

By Angel Nuñez

“Las Animas” are the souls of the dead.  They are spirits?  So where are they normally located?  Well, make a good guess.  They are probably resting in the cemetery beside the bodies of the dead.  And why don’t we see them?  The answer is simple- because they are spirits, but they make special outings in a procession during the entire month of November.

During the month of November, Las Animas leave the cemetery at midnight and have a procession in prayer from there down Pescador Drive up to the primary school, then go into Barrier Reef Drive and back to the cemetery.  Most families twenty five years ago restrained from going out on the streets at that hour in respect of Las Animas and to allow them peace and tranquility for their procession.  Truth of the matter also was that everyone feared an encounter with them.

Now has anyone ever seen Las Animas? You bet. Our first witness whose name will not be mentioned (let’s call him Raf) was at the end of the main pier on November 19, 1943. The northerly winds were blowing and with that there was an abundance of snappers near the shores. About 2 a.m. in the morning, Raf and his brother had already filled 3 buckets of snapper with their hand line.  They were very happy and considered themselves fortunate that they had gotten up very early for this catch. Suddenly, there they were! They came from the direction of the reef, some one hundred of them. At first, Raf could only see the brightly-lit candles burning in the pitch black night.  But then he saw the bodies covered in white sheets, floating about 2 feet above the sea.  Raf wanted to run but could not move. He was petrified. As “Las Animas” drew closer, he could hear their voices in a chant reciting the prayers of the rosary. The “Hail Mary, full of Grace, the Lord is with Thee…” sounded like a mournful cry as “Las Animas” were approaching near the main pier by Daddy’s Club where they were enjoying a bountiful catch.

Suddenly, as if by grace or luck or miracle, Raf managed to scream and this enabled him to move. He made one quick dash down the pier leaving behind fishing line, flashlight, sardines and 3 buckets of snapper. His brother had disappeared.  Raf never made one side-glance nor did he ever look back. He ran like a deer down back street to where his family’s thatch house was located.

When he got home, he did not knock at the door. All it took was one head bump and he landed inside and knew no more. The next morning, Raf had a 105-degree fever and could barely explain the incident to his mother. Upon checking the main pier, there was no fishing line, no sardines and all the snappers were scattered on the pier without eyes.

Does this seem difficult to believe? Ask Raf. He is still alive today. Ask any of your grandparents.  This incident really occurred 25 years ago- November 19, 1943.

Note:  How Las Animas operate for next week’s article.

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