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Antonio's Letter Is Rejected

By Angel Nuñez

Okay boys, after reading last week’s episode in which a young man requested visiting rights to his girlfriend’s house so that she would become his fiancée and so he could visit her formally, I imagine you might be thinking that that is too much hassle.  Indeed I think it was quite romantic.  Also consider that in other cultures it was more problematic with the gentleman having to make an offering to the father of ten heads of cattle or a dozen sacks of corn and the like.  In other words he had to make himself appealing and welcoming to the parents of his “bride to be”. Therefore, notice that men had to be charming too as well as the young ladies.

Well last week we saw how 25 years ago Antonio requested permission from don Pablo to visit his house and to formally declare Rosita to be his “novia” (fiancee). Here is Don Pablo’s reply:

Antonio's Letter Reply

Well as you can see, Antonio’s request to formalize his relationship was rejected not because he was not worthy or charming but because the father considered his daughter to be a bit too young.   Girls traditionally got married at 16 or 17 years of age, but fifteen was also quite common.  This letter to the young lover was not to be interpreted wrongly so he could continue to court the young lady by going to parties, or walks to the park and holding hands but that was about it.  If he could steal a moment to steal a kiss, well that was his luck or his prowess or charisma, let’s say.  However, that had to be done privately and not in the presence of the father.  To tell the truth, some mothers were more lenient and allowed a bit more contact or close-up moments.  Romantic mothers indeed!  

Well that was a bit lucky for Antonio.  Not so lucky for some other guys.  Here is another typical letter to a not too fortunate Marcos.

Marco's Letter Reply


As you can see, YEARS AGO getting a girl to like you was only half the job. You then had to win the admiration and approval of the girl’s father and family.  Today girls meet boys and go out steadily, many times without the knowledge of the father. Dating is all outside the home and it does not matter whether the parents approve or not.  Long live dating as it was Years Ago or as it is today since it is an important aspect of our culture in San Pedro.

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