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Belize's Legendary Radio Personality Lydia Ramirez

By Angel Nuñez

A very interesting and legendary person. Okay, many of you might not have known her but everyone in San Pedro who is over 60 should remember her. However, everyone just over thirty and who has been taught by Mr. Gustavo Ramirez at San Pedro High School ought to know that Lydia Ramirez is his mom.  

When folks in San Pedro heard first of this lady, she was a celebrity countywide as a radio personality. She did a daily program over Radio Belize, the only radio station in the country. It was an evening programme, Rincon Infantil (Children’s Corner), aired just after four p.m. when school children were already at home and Lydia Ramirez managed to skillfully capture a very high rating.

Belize's Legendary Lydia Ramirez

Lydia Remirez with Diana Perez at the San Pedro Airport

Lydia Ramirez played the guitar and sang beautifully concentrating, of course, on children’s songs. She told stories- traditional ones and some of her originals all giving important lessons of obedience, respect, punctuality,  honesty and many other morals and qualities important in the development of a children’s lives. Lydia also gave riddles, which children could respond to by letter and she would celebrate all children and greet those with responses to her riddles.  

Children would write tons of letters to Lydia to make greeting requests to parents, birthday, family members and special events. Lydia respectfully paid attention to every letter and made sure she would “big up” everyone as we say in Creole. Children would be glued to the radio every day to enjoy the stories and songs and of course to listen to their requests being honored. If you walked around San Pedro Village in the 1950’s you could hear every home tuned in to Radio Belize listening to Lydia over Rincon Infantil. Needless to say, she made a tremendous positive impact in everyone’s lives, both children and their parents. That was the main reason she was popular countrywide and cordial invitations were made to her to visit “cada rincon” (every corner) of Belize.

Belize's Legendary Lydia Ramirez

Lydia Ramirez being greeted at the airport by Armando Graniel, Secundino Gonzalez, Sacasa Gough and Ramon Nuñez

 Lydia Ramirez first visited San Pedro at the invitation of the Carnaval Committee including Sacasa Gough, Ramon Nuñez among others. She wrote the lyrics of a popular dance or comparsa, El Torito, and San Pedro enjoyed it to the fullest, as Lydia Ramirez went around the village singing and entertaining with her guitar. You can know the impact of her visit to San Pedro by simply noting how the Carnaval Committee members were dressed to greet her and the special welcome at the airstrip with a bouquet presented by Diana Perez. And after the Carnaval was over she made many other visits to San Pedro where she was not only considered as special friend, but a true celebrity, an artist in her own rights.  

Belize's Legendary Lydia Ramirez

(Lydia Ramirez with Teacher Agustin) The entire village of San Pedro went to greet Lydia Ramirez at the San Pedro Airport

Twenty Five Years Ago (Mr. Angel Nuñez) wishes to dedicate this special edition to Mr. Gustavo Ramirez former teacher and counselor at San Pedro High and author of Ambergris Today’s  Guidance Counselor and to all other family members.  

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