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The Good Old Days…When Children Listened to Their Parents

Back in the GOOD OLD DAYS we came home from school and did our homework, no game playing. We took off our school clothes and did our homework. We did not go outside and play in them. We did not sit down to listen to grownups talk. We left the room until the company had left. We ate what was cooked or got nothing. When we were told to do something we did so. We did not say that we would do it later. I am thankful for the GOOD OLD DAYS because it made me the person that I am.

Homework had to be done as soon as we got home because we had to make the best of daylight.  There was no 24-hour electricity so it was important to complete our homework by 6p.m. or before it got dark. Our homes were lit by kerosene lanterns or by candle light and of course that did not provide a good reading or studying environment.

So what about games? What time did the children have to play and socialize? That happened after evening tea or supper as it is called today. We called it tea because tea was the traditional beverage. After tea we would go on the streets or beach and play games. No they were not computer games but rather physical games like tops, marbles, hide and seek, and a myriad of other fun games that included, thinking, strength or fitness and that included teams. Trust me, there was a lot of running, jumping, chasing, and celebrating of a sweet victory.

The Good Old Days...When Children Listened to Their Parents

Ejem! This was mom clearing her throat when she noticed that her child was around trying to listen to an adult conversation. This was her way of saying, “Get out, and be quick”. If a child refused to listen to this gentle message, then it was the power of the belt that did the communication. However, trust me, kids knew the power of that “Ejem!”. Kids knew that they were not supposed to hang around and listen to the conversation of grownups. On another occasion I will talk about butting in the conversation.  That was another serious matter.

Food was nothing to play with. We had to eat what mom had so tenderly prepared or settle for nothing. No, we did not get a whipping for not liking the food, but kids did go to bed on an empty stomach and there was no pampering or offer of a substitute dish. Trust me, the next time around that same dish that was rejected, now tasted like a delicacy. 

When we were told to do something we did so and we never say: “I will do it later”. Children were expected to be obedient to parents, relatives, teachers and even to elders. Today we see a lot of children telling their parents that they need to finish a computer game first and then comply.  That child would have gotten a good spanking back in the GOOD OLD DAYS.  I am thankful of the GOOD OLD DAYS.

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