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Belizean Boledo/Lottery to Resume on December 1

Guess what, folks? Boledo is making a comeback, and it’s right around the corner! After a whopping six-month hiatus, the government has finally spilled the beans – they’re relaunching the sale of Boledo on December 1st, with the first drawing set for Sunday, December 3rd. And yes, it’s not just Boledo; the Ordinary and Jackpot Lottery are also making a grand return.

So, who’s in charge this time? The Government Lotteries Limited, owned by the GOB, is taking the reins. Their mission is to administer, sell, and promote lotteries. Back on June 12, 2023, they initiated an open tender process to find a Master Agent to handle the sale of lottery tickets. That selection process has concluded and the successful applicants are Nando’s Wholesale and MGM Entertainment. Nando’s will be in charge of selling to the Belize district, whereas MGM will handle the other five.

Now, we can’t ignore the fact that the government lost six whole months of revenue, but there’s a silver lining. They’re saying that with this new setup, the revenue will be put to good use. It’s all about expanding those social safety net programs, like the National Health Insurance and Official Charities Fund. So, in a way, we all get a slice of the pie!

I definitely did not miss Boledo while it was gone but I know there are many who have gone into withdrawal. Occasionally, I would dream about something interesting and would get out my dream book to get those lucky numbers and try out my luck.

Well, to those die-hard lottery players, get ready for some thrilling Boledo draws, and who knows, you might be the lucky winner. In the meantime, mark December 1st on your calendar and keep those fingers crossed for a winning ticket!

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