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San Pedro Embracing the Rising Coffee Culture

san pedro coffee culture

In recent times, the charming island of San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize, has seen a delightful emergence of a coffee culture that is gaining momentum among locals and visitors alike. The aromatic blend of freshly brewed beans has become more than just a morning ritual; it has transformed into a social experience, marking a notable shift in the island’s lifestyle.

It all might have started way back in the days when Ruby’s Cafe and Celi’s Deli were the first to offer early morning cups of coffee to those who started their mornings very early on their way to work. Instant coffee was the only choice but now coffee aficionados on Ambergris Caye are spoiled for choice with a variety of coffee shops dotting the island, each offering a unique ambiance and good coffee. We also give a shout out to Rum & Bean and Marbucks Coffee House Bed & Breakfast; these two were among the first coffee shops to open on the island and spring forward the coffee craze San Pedro is experiencing.

Everyone Has Their Favorite Coffee Shop

From cozy beach-side cafes and trendy urban spots, to the first drive thru coffee shop, the rising coffee culture is reshaping the way people socialize and appreciate their daily “Cup of Joe”. Lavish Habit and Green Espresso are two of many of said hot-spots that have a large and established following. Lavish Habit’s main emphasis is on great coffee options, however, they offer small bites such as waffles, wraps, bagels sandwiches, and paninis. In comparison, Green Espresso has a larger menu that includes rice bowls, burgers, and even steak and pasta.

san pedro coffee culture
Lavish Habit, located in downtown San Pedro, is quaint with indoor and outdoor seating
san pedro coffee culture

The aroma of freshly ground beans wafts through the air as patrons engage in conversations or lose themselves in a good book, all while enjoying the laid-back island vibe. These coffee shops encapsulate the essence of the burgeoning coffee culture, where every sip tells a story of the journey from bean to cup.

Newly opened coffee shops in town include Lavish’s sister shop Sixteen Ounces with more coffee and healthier options such as salads and whole wheat sandwiches. Flamingo Brew and Boutique combines the coffee and shopping experience. La Bodeguita, while it’s now a great place to grab a Cuban cup of coffee, it was originally a quaint flower shop.

san pedro coffee culture
Friendly faces and cozy atmosphere at Green Espresso
san pedro coffee culture
La Bodeguita, coffee & flowers
san pedro coffee culture

Local entrepreneurs are also seizing the opportunity to contribute to this growing trend. Check out Coffee de Los Maya, straight out of San Ignacio, Belmopan. The immense success of their coffee shop in the mainland was likely a great motivation for their new location on the island which had it’s grand opening last week. San Pedro is busy, fast-paced, and always on the go; the addition of a drive thru is very convenient for the hundreds of people commuting to work and running errands, or just simply cruising on their golf carts to grab a quick cold brew. The idea is genius, and it has been very well-received by locals.

san pedro coffee culture
Coffee de los Maya’s new drive thru coffee shop along the main road south of town

Island Also Has Two Coffee Roasteries

Yup, the demand for good coffee has also prompted two roasteries to contribute to the easy access of coffee for local shops. Saul’s Cigar and Coffee House is a must visit; aside from a rich cup of coffee, you can also purchase the regional whole beans or coffee grounds themselves that are roasted on site. The coffee house also offers a chance to enjoy a variety of imported and local cigars and even grab some souvenirs before you go.

San Pedro Embracing the Rising Coffee Culture 1
Coffee, cigars and souvenirs at Saul’s Cigar and Coffee House in downtown San Pedro

Our good friends at Caye Coffee Roasting Co. Ltd. have perfected the roasting of coffee in the island environment, taking into consideration the humidity, heat, and many other factors that influence the taste of great coffee. They have developed three levels of flavor intensities which pay tribute to the three main and iconic streets of downtown San Pedro – Front Street (light roast), Middle Street (medium roast), and Back Street (dark roast). Caye Coffee just recently expanded their roastery to include a coffee shop, making it possible to experience the roasting process while enjoying your espresso, iced coffee, or hot cappuccino.

san pedro coffee culture
Caye Coffee Roastery & Coffee Shop

As the island embraces this newfound coffee culture, residents and visitors alike are finding common ground in their shared appreciation for the rich and diverse world of coffee. Whether it’s a morning pick-me-up, an afternoon business meeting, or an evening unwinding session, coffee culture on San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, is on the rise, promising a flavorful and vibrant experience for all who indulge in this aromatic journey.

Coffee Shops

  • Lavish Habit
  • Sixteen Ounces
  • Green Espresso
  • Coffee de los Maya
  • La Bodequita
  • Rum & Bean
  • Flamingo Brew & Boutique
  • Marbucks Coffee House Bed & Breakfast
  • Saul’s Cigar & Rum House (Roastery)
  • Caye Coffee (Roastery)


  • Midtown Cafe
  • Charmaine’s Cafe
  • D Family Cafe
  • The Farmhouse Cafe
  • Sol Cafe
  • Royaltea Cafe
  • Cool Beans Cafe

Let us know where you get your coffee fix in the comments below and if we are missing any of your favorites in our list!

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  1. La bodegita is a beautiful ambiance, delicious Cuban coffee an amazing people…
    It’s a must try you will enjoy an always return…
    Ohh an they give extras on the side ☺️🤭

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