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School Van Brings Cheers and Smiles to Students in North Ambergris

School Van Brings Cheers and Smiles to Students in North Ambergris

How awesome is this? The radiant smiles on the faces of these school children are pure magic! A new school van has officially hit the road, and the joy it’s spreading is contagious. The van sprung into action on Monday, February 26, 2024, which unfolded with laughter and cheerful chatter among the kiddos – talk about starting their day on an uplifting note!

A nifty little school van has been unveiled to cater to the students residing in northern Ambergris Caye, and the excitement is palpable. Parents in this community, situated ten miles north of San Pedro, are beaming with gratitude towards the local authorities for this fantastic initiative.

School Van Brings Cheers and Smiles to Students in North Ambergris 1

Decked out in a fresh coat of white paint proudly displaying its ‘School Bus’ label, this van is set to become the daily chariot for up to nine students residing far up north. These students, who previously lacked a reliable mode of transportation to their schools in downtown San Pedro, are enjoying their new ride. The acquisition of this wonderful vehicle was a collaborative effort between the San Pedro Town Council and the ever-supportive Area Representative Hon. Andre Perez, who not only secured the van but also ensured it was ready to whisk the eager students away on their educational journey.

School Van is First of More to Come

Bright and early, at 7a.m., the school van will depart from the northern Police Substation, located at the promising future site of a new school. The van will bring back the happy scholars to northern Ambergris Caye after 3p.m., returning from the Honorable Louis Sylvester Sporting Arena. This exclusive transportation service is tailored for students only, ensuring a safe and dedicated ride for our young scholars.

Area Representative Perez, brimming with enthusiasm, emphasized the importance of providing transportation resources for students heading downtown for their studies. He expressed his commitment to advocating for all the necessary services as this northern community continues to grow – be it electricity, running water, or even the construction of more schools in the area. Perez added that this is just the beginning, with plans already underway for a more spacious vehicle to accommodate the growing number of students.

Exciting times are ahead for these school children, and the School Van is rolling in with laughter, friendship, and the promise of brighter mornings! Here’s to the joyous journey of knowledge!

School Van Brings Cheers and Smiles to Students in North Ambergris

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