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Mayor Wally Addresses Ongoing Traffic Issues and Heavy Construction Truck Concerns

traffic issues and heavy construction trucks

San Pedro’s traffic woes continue to be one of the main issues of concern for island residents of Ambergris Caye and it is evident with all the posts on social media. The most pressing issues are traffic congestion and the burden of all the large construction trucks passing through downtown San Pedro.

Just recently one resident shared a video of 13 heavy duty dump truck, lined up back to back, making their way through down town. Another resident shared pics of two separate traffic accidents, one involving a smash-up between two trucks and another where two golf carts were pinned by a large dump truck.

Ambergris Caye has been seeing a significant increase in construction and with that the burden of having these large vehicles commuting through downtown and up and down the southern and northern roads. Congestion, traffic delays, dusty roads and many accidents are making La Isla Bonita not so bonita with residents expressing concern for their safety and the negative impact this could have on the island’s tourism industry.

traffic issues and heavy construction trucks
Two traffic accidents in one day
traffic issues and heavy construction trucks
This mega truck just recently arrived on the island, tires alone are about 6 feet tall

This week, San Pedro Mayor, Wally Nuñez, shared some information as to what action the San Pedro Town Council is and will be taking towards traffic on the island. He has expressed gratitude to the residents of Ambergris Caye for their outpouring of ideas and concerns regarding the influx of heavy construction trucks in the town. “The community’s input is vital as the local government works towards making the roads safer for all,” said Mayor Wally.

Mayor Wally’s Action on Traffic

Immediate Actions: The traffic department and wardens are undergoing capacity building to better manage the flow of large trucks during peak hours. Additionally, companies are being requested to install GPS tracking devices in all their trucks. This initiative aims to track truck movements and ensure compliance with peak-hour schedules within the town core.

traffic issues and heavy construction trucks
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Long-term Plans: Plans are underway to completely divert the transportation of construction materials away from the town core. The strategy includes setting up barge access on the west side of the island for locations in northern San Pedro. This will facilitate the movement of materials from the southern marina to future locations in the north, limiting the use of large trucks within the town core to small delivery vehicles only.

Enhanced Traffic Management: Residents are reminded that the San Pedrito Highway is nearing completion, offering a new route to alleviate current congestion on main roads. Furthermore, collaboration with the national government is ongoing to implement a system-wide plan addressing various traffic issues, including speeding, disorderly driving, and the road worthiness of motor vehicles.
Mayor Nunez extends his appreciation to the community for their patience and involvement in tackling the challenges faced by the developing island. He encourages residents to continue sharing their ideas and solutions as efforts to improve Ambergris Caye’s traffic situation progress.

traffic issues and heavy construction trucks

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  1. We have been coming to San Pedro for 30 years and we are so heartbroken to watch the changes..Im sure the thought was to make it better but in fact it has made it worse. We own a home there but are considering selling and going south. The traffic there now is horrendous. Im surprised more have not been killed. I can only imagine how the people who grew up there feel. Unfortunately the small island feeling is gone.

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