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Eulogy of Ariel Ali Nunez

Born on February 3, 1963, to two San Pedrano parents, Luis Nuñez Sr. and Abelina Nuñez Cardenez, Ali was raised in a loving home, in a healthy community, and surrounded by love and kindness, joyful and humble living, Ali was bound for a healthy life. He had six siblings to share and enjoy his love and happiness – Luis and Mundo Nunez, Zeida Guerrero, Odilia Salazar, Lourdes Luna and Aida Phillips.

As a child, Ali was the typical son of a fisherman- ruffled hair rolled up pants opened up shirt and of course lots of freckles. He spent a lot of outdoor life, many hours swimming, strolling beaches, and occasionally fishing. That is why he was covered with freckles, which by the way made him appear more handsome and adventurous like Tom Sawyer. I have a feeling it is those freckles that attracted Margaret in the first place.

Ali attended San Pedro High School, and what an outstanding young man he was. One could not help noticing him. He was always well combed, neatly dressed, uniform always tucked in and looking like a Chulo boy. He was very friendly, outgoing, loved sports, shared with classmates and cooperated with high school events. His Principal Mr. Angel Nuñez told me that it was difficult to punish Ali whenever he did some mischief or broke some school rule. He said Ali had this shy and apologetic way of looking at you that you were bound to forgive him. I bet Tia Lina can verify this, and Margaret also, right?

Not too long after high school in San Pedro, destiny took Ali from his island home to Belize City where he joined his life with Margaret Musa and formed a home that produced three daughters- Celina, Vanessa and Amanda. And this lovely family produced 10 grandchildren – Destin, Delannie, Brianna, Bianca, Brielle, Wilhelm, Madilyn, Jonathan, Anabella, Alexander. It is with this circle of persons that Ali learned and grew to become a loving husband, a caring father and a pampering grandfather. He was also a most loved colleague at Home Protector Insurance Co. Ltd. where he was employed for some time and where he must have left many pleasant memories.

Ali’s favorite pass time was hanging out with his buddies at Fenders. Quite often Ali would visit San Pedro, a place he carried deeply in his heart. A stroll downtown took him several hours for there were many friends, cousins, and other relatives who would stop to chat with him and enjoy a memory and laughter. His many cousins say that they will miss Ali’s bear hugs, and will forever remember their most huggable Primo, Busha as they called him.

Today we bid our last farewell to Ariel Ali Nuñez. He was the typical Nuñez. And what is a typical Nunez? It is popular with the guys, especially with the girls. It is for this reason that Ali was always a neatly dressed guy and of course cologne was a part of his life. He carried cologne in his school bag, to the office, to the sports field, in his vehicle and anywhere he thought it might have come in handy. I hope Ali was given a good splash of cologne before he was laid in his coffin. He will need it to impress his new friends in Heaven. Good bye Ali. We already miss you. We shall remember you fondly. In our hearts you shall remain forever. You go and enjoy your new home which Our Creator has prepared for those who loved him. Rest in Peace and Rise in Glory.

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