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Having a Wine "Devine" Time!

If we were to tell you that the newest Hotspot on the Island was Wine de Vine, would you believe us? It’s not a night club, it’s not a bar, and it’s definitely not a restaurant, but it’s more of a social club than anything else. Dorian’s Angels were invited to their last social event of the year – Wine de Vine’s New Year’s Eve Party. It was a blast!

There are no pricy club memberships or reservations needed to join the club. You can choose from two days of the week to join Wine de Vine for a little extra hours of socializing and wine sampling. We all know Wine de Vine as an extraordinary wine and cheese shoppe with a superb selection of fine wines, large selection cheeses and even some specialty meats and chocolates. The shop has been a major supplier for restaurants and homes on the island.

And for those connoisseurs who love a great glass or bottle of wine, they have learnt that Wine de Vine has a wine bar open every day which now opens some extra hours on Tuesdays and Fridays for some excellent socializing.

With wine bottles all around you, cozy seating and a totally different atmosphere at Wine de Vine, it’s definitely something new and exciting for San Pedro. Here’s how it works at the Wine Club:

* There is no exclusive membership or reservations needed. You just show up! Tuesdays they open until 7p.m. and Fridays until 9p.m. There is generally a younger crowd on Tuesdays than on Fridays, but either day is ‘winetastic’.

* About four wines (two whites and two reds) are featured for the evening for some tasting and you then select your choice for the evening. You either purchase by the glass or by the bottle.

* You can also enjoy some great cheeses and meats while you savour your selected wine.

* Seating is limited, but everybody mostly enjoys standing around and socializing with friends.

* At the end of the night you can purchase your favorite bottle of wine to take home or for a gift item.

The Social Club at Wine de Vine is a great way to learn more about wines if you need help developing a taste for fine wines and learning to combine them with food. The staff is very knowledgeable and very willing to help out. It’s an excellent setting to meet with friends and unwind and even meet new friends.

Dorian’s Angels and the staff of Ambergris Today had a special treat on Thursday, December 30, as Wine de Vine switched their regular Friday Social Club event for a special Pre-New Year’s Eve Party. We were greeted with a glass complementary champaign and some excellent hours ‘devours which included cheeses, paté, dips, crackers and fruit. Great company and acoustic music by Wil and Dale complimented for an excellent evening.

Over 300 wine labels from a worldwide selection and 60 cheese/meat varieties are available at Wine de Vine. So what are you waiting for; start now and enjoy! Wine de Vine is open every day except on Sundays and is located on Coconut Drive just before Island Supermarket.

– photography by Jose Luis Zapata Photography

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