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Pampered Paws Celebrates 10th Anniversary

It’s the tenth anniversary of San Pedro’s number one pet grooming and supply center and Dorian’s Angels decided to be a part of this team of pet experts for a day. Proprietor Kathy Marin and the boys at Pampered Paws welcomed us to show what all renovations and improved services they have to offer at San Pedro’s number one grooming and pet supply shop in San Pedro. Oh, and they had us working again, but we did not mind; we like the hands on experiences when we do our Angels features.

Kathy showed the Angels around and explained about all the services offered Pampered Paws. Perlita got some dog training tips from Kathy and had a great buddy to practice, Tyson. Heel, sit and stay were basic obedience commands that Perlita practiced on Tyson. While Sofie got a few tips on grooming by Alan Soto.

Boy, do these pets get pampered! Dave Bellini is in charge of walking the dogs, so if you are too busy to take your dog for a walk, Dave is the person to leave your pet with. He will take excellent care of them. Desiderio Pop is also great with animals and will give your pets the best grooming ever.

Pampered Paws opened its doors to the people of San Pedro in September 2001 with the goal to supply better quality of products to pamper your pet. It started as a small grooming business that only offered food supplies, treats and other pet items.

As the business expanded, Kathy Marin realized the demand for pet grooming, boarding and daycare. In 2009 Pampered Paws underwent renovations and a bit of expansion to the shop. But most recently major renovations and expansion too place at the shop which included a dog training activity center, cattery and boarding facility.

Today, Pampered Paws is the biggest and most successful pet supply and service center on the island, probably in Belize. They offer an array of products and services to meet all your pets’ needs. The professionally trained staff offers fast and efficient service with care. It is certain that your pet will get pampered to the fullest extent and feel like royalty under the great care of the Pampered Paws staff. Plus Kathy Marin is a certified pet groomer and trainer.

At Pampered Paws you can find a full line of Purina, Pedigree and Canidae dog food (grain free dog food), a wide assortment of treats including pig ears, cow hooves, stuffed toys, squeaky toys and a whole lot more.

Pampered Paws is celebrating its 10th Anniversary this year and to make this event special they are inviting all of their customers, family and friends to enter in their Video Contest that will be held on September 24, 2011. They are giving away great prizes, so make sure you make your videos of your pet doing tricks, playing, running, sleeping or just being themselves.

While at the new activity center the Angels were in company of a cute and adorable little puppy, Teddy. Although the Angels did not video all the tricks and running around Teddy did, we sure got a lot of laughs and pictures!

You can always rely on Pampered Paws for all you pet needs. Remember that Pampered Paws provides quality care for your pampered pet. So get your camera and videos ready and be sure to enter Pampered Paws 10th Anniversary Video Contest. And remember if the Angels recommend it, It’s Gotta be Good!!!!

Pampered Paws located on Pescador Drive, Opening Hours are 8am to 6pm Monday to Friday and 8am to 5pn on Saturday. Grooming hours are from 9am to 4pm Monday to Saturday. Contact # 226-2227 or 6100992, email: or visit their website at: Facebook:

Perlita having fun with the dogs at Pampered PawsPerlita and Tyson at the New Activity Center at Pampered Paws.Ice and Tyson at the New Activity Center at Pampered PawsSofie helping Alan give Gizmo a trim at Pampered Paws.Sofie grooming Gizmo at Pampered PawsSofie grooming GizmoSofie taking silly pictures with GizmoSofie having fun with Teddy, a very energetic puppy at Pampered PawsTraining Teddy was quite a task for SofieSofie takes a cute picture with TeddyThe new acticity center also boasts a new cattery for those loving catsIce finally calms down after much playing with his buddy TysonDoggy Gourmet Treats are available at Pampered PawsSofie giving Dave a Doggie Gourmet Treat!Perlita getting ready to take Mailie for a walkDave (dog walker) & Perlita taking the dogs for a walkDave & Perlita taking the dogs for a walkDave & Perlita posing with two well pampered dogsDog Kennels are available for all sizes of dogs, from small to large dogs. Perlita had to check out if the kennel had enough space for her dog Frenzy before she buys it.Feeling the love for pets at Pampered PawsYou can find the very best in food products for you pets. Pampered Paws has Pedigree, Purina and much more.Pampered Paws has all the good stuff for your petDoggie Treats your pet will love!Pampered Paws has products for dogs, cats, turtles and fishPampered Paws has all the good stuff for your petPampered Paws is the only supplier of Canidae (grain free) dog food on the island.Sofie & Dave being silly for the cameraPampered Paws has all the good stuff for your petSofie was tempted with the puppy lollipopsDave had to take a bite of the pig ears! Adorable stuffed animals for your pet to cuddle and playwithPampered Paws also has many fashionable bags for when you and your pet are on the goMany decorative bowls for your pet at Pampered PawsPampered Paws has all the good stuff for your petThe wonderful staff of Pampered Paws: Allan, Desiderio, Kathy and Dave

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