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Panty Ripper Angels!

We all know that San Pedro is known for being a party town and we all enjoy a party with great Belizean beer or Belizean rum. I know for a fact that the Boss loves his Lighthouse Beer and White Caribbean with coke (rum and coke). As for the Angels we share one thing in common when it comes to drinks; we love sweet drinks. And a 100% Belizean sweet drink that we love is the “Panty Ripper”.

Now don’t go thinking we go and get our panties ripped or go ripping other person’s underwear. For those who don’t know what a Panty Ripper is – it’s the best drink and most simple of all to mix.

A Panty Ripper is the mixture of a great Belizean “Spirit”, coconut rum and pineapple juice. Mix those two together in the right proportions and pour over some ice and give it a try! Who said a cocktail has to be complicated to be tasty? This cocktail tastes best while hanging out on the beach with friends or at any party or mixer you’re at.

The Angels headed out to one of San Pedro’s best restaurants – Caliente Restaurant where award winning and #1 bartender in the island works – Mr. Enrique Luna. Our afternoon with Enrique was very entertaining and educational as well, as he shared with us a bit of the Panty Ripper history.

Listen to this: according to Enrique, the Panty Ripper is a 100% Belizean drink introduced to the island by a crowd of Belizeans who came for an Easter weekend in the 1970’s and asked for the Panty Ripper drink. Bartenders on the island did not know how to make this cocktail, but ever since that weekend in San Pedro, the Panty Ripper has become a favorite on the island and popular with all the tourists.

Mixologist Enrique, a master at preparing delicious drinks, prepared us two Panty Rippers for us to try. One which was just pouring the coconut rum and pineapple juice over ice and the other was given a proper shaking (not stirred, much like Mr. Bond likes it) and served over ice. Same ingredients two different ways of serving it!

So what’s the difference you might ask? Well, they are both equally delicious but Angel Perlita enjoyed the first mixed that was just poured (stronger presence of rum flavor), while Angel Sofie preferred the second one that was shaken (the sweetness was heightened). But if you really want to know the difference you have got to go on over to Caliente Restaurant and ask our good friend Enrique to serve you these tasty drinks.

Some say that the Panty Ripper may as well be the National Cocktail of Belize, and we Angels definitely agree to this statement. Panty Rippers are served everywhere and in mass quantities. Tourists like them, locals love them; they’re inexpensive and taste great. Although it is viewed as a ladies drink, even the manliest of men cannot deny that pineapple and coconut make a delicious combination.

Rum House Panty Ripper

Planning a trip or want a special souvenir to take back home? Well the famous Panty Ripper is available in bottles to go! Saul Nuñez of The Rum and Cigar House has been bottling the famous Panty Ripper for the past seven years and it surely is as delicious as the ones you get at your favorite bar.

Saul Nuñez prepares this concoction with Traveller’s Coconut Rum and fresh pineapple juice, bottles and labels it for sale. This tasty bottled drink is exclusively available at the Rum and Cigar House on Pescador Drive (Middle Street) in San Pedro.

Well, there you have it readers, the Angels have shared with you one of their favorite drinks and might we say the best ever. So what are you waiting for go on over to Caliente’s Restaurant and ask Enrique to serve you some or pass by the Rum House and purchase some on the go, but just remember to tell them the Angels sent you. And remember if the Angels recommend it, It’s Gotta Be GOOD!!!! Give it a try. Please for a third one. Cheers! – By Sofia Muñoz

Note: No actual panties were ripped during the making of this article! Wink

Award Winning Bartender & #1 Bartender on the island - Mr. Enrique Luna serving the Angels some Panty RippersAngel Sofie mixing up her drink under the supervision of EnriqueAngel Sofie making delicious Panty RippersEnrique adding some cherries to our drink!Angel Perlita adding cherry juice to add color and taste to the drink.Panty Ripper AngelsThe Rum & Cigar House Bottles Panty RipperThe Rum & Cigar House Bottles "Pantipa"!No Pearl that is not a hair dryer!Mynor showing Perlita how to label the pantiripa bottlesPerlita labelling the pantiripa bottlesPerlita labelling the pantiripa bottlesShe Ripped it! lol Perlita ripped the label! :-)

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