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San Pedro Retains its Quaintness

Last week we wrote about the Price of Development and noted that all good projects for San Pedro do come with a price tag or in other words with some negative consequences. But fortunately for San Pedro, whether planned or unplanned, we have been able to retain some of our unique quaint features that make San Pedro a charming destination for tourists.  

Look at tourists and locals driving in golf cars around the Island enjoying a vacation and Island Life.  They do not need seat belts as required in the cities. They can drive with one leg hanging outside the cart. Furthermore you see many adults enjoying a beer or cocktail drink on hand as they walk around town.

This is San Pedro’s quaint uniqueness which we believe is not too bad after all considering the massive development in vehicles and traffic. We also see tourist with drinks in hand as they tour the island on golf cart. By any means we do not want to encourage drunken driving; as long as the driver is not drinking, everything is fine.  

Another feature of our laid back and charming atmosphere that we retain is the privilege of going about barefooted anywhere in San Pedro. In other cities and towns, it is possible to do that only on the beach and poolside. In many countries and towns if you were to see people going about barefooted, you would relate that to poverty or some underprivileged situation.

In San Pedro everyone enjoys this privilege and you can go to church or enter a restaurant without raising eyebrows. Well fine; let us continue enjoying this unique, old-fashioned and charming privileges that Ambergris Caye has to offer.

There are some more instances of this uniqueness which we would like to foster and even encourage, but we’ll mention a special one right now, and it is our united spirit to do things together as a community, and more important to do it our way- The San Pedro Way. We have been united as a community in good times and in bad times. We do anything for each other, especially when in times of need and suffering. And we like to do it like we were taught by our ancestors. Hopefully this unity will prevail forever.

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