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The Way Others Look at You

Sometimes when things are not going too well and we get some criticism people tend to say, “I don’t care what others think of me or say about me.” But do they really mean it?  It is very naïve to think that people can say negative things of you and you are not moved. It just doesn’t wrap.  

If people are saying that you are a negative person because you accept bribes and your integrity is way down there in the drain, it is bound to tell you something. You need to do something to boost up your integrity. Cops, teachers, politicians, custom officers, public servants in general fall under this category.

If you own a store and people make comments that you overcharge, do not accept and refund for damaged or expired goods, or that you have the practice of under weighing products and charging for higher prices, don’t tell me you can say, “I don’t care what they say”. It is a clear message that you need to adjust the way you operate and be on the good side of your clients’ opinion and remarks.  

Listen to these remarks: “She is an easy girl and will give in to any guy for anything.”  “She dresses like a slut.” “She has no self respect and pride in herself.”  Would you be happy if people are saying these things about you? Would you be able to say “I don’t care how others look at me?” Would you want this person to be you? Would you like this person as your daughter in law? Would you want to be engaged to this person? I am sure these are rhetorical questions.

In life the image we portray to others is very important. The way others look at you should give you an important evaluation of you. We can apply the old adage that tells us that we don’t only have to be good but appear to be good as well. We not only have to be just, but show it by our actions. We not only have to think highly of ourselves but allow others to think highly of us also.  The way how others look at us is important. It tells us whether we are clicking or not ‘gelling’.  Do pay attention to the way others look at you in this respect.

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