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My New Year's Wishes

It is impossible to make only one wish.
It’s like trying to eat ten things from one dish.
I wish for everyone- for you and for me
Hoping that Santa will just let it be.

Oh how I wish that crime and violence will disappear
We don’t need them, not here and not even there.
I wish for more peace, more friendliness, more love.
I hope we are heard by the Powers from Above.

May all the students do well in schools
There are no spaces for dropouts nor fools.
My wish is for committed, generous, each one a model teacher.
‘Cause in their hands we place our nation’s future.

A wish for a San Pedro that is more prosperous
More tourists, more jobs, more business for all of us.
A wish for a community that is united, caring and peaceful
 It is my humble desire for everything to be beautiful.
My wishes for (2011) twenty eleven
For San Pedro closer to Heaven.

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