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Three Hour Coffee Break with Mary

Meeting Mary Bartnikowski was like a breath of fresh air. She called me to meet for coffee at Café Cubano last week. She was told that I was the person to meet in San Pedro. (Thanks to a few great friends who had so much good things to say about me; you know who you are). But I was very flattered, since I would consider meeting her a privilege.

She’s a great photographer with an amazing portfolio under her belt. I took a look at her work and was blown away at all the great images she has captured during her travels around the world.

Our short time together was very enlightening as the chatter over coffee was pretty much all over the place. I share Mary’s spirit and outlook on life and I gotta say that I learned a little more about myself talking to her. It was my pleasure to make yet another amazing friend. Thanks Mary, for calling on a whim (never plan ahead too much)!

Mary is in Belize for a while and her passion is photography, especially teaching others this great art. I promised her I would help her out and let my friends know the wonderful opportunity she is offering those who would love to learn about photography and discover the artists within themselves. Here is what Mary has to offer:

Capture Stunning Portraits and Travel Photographs
Private 3-hour Session

Mary teaches you in 3 hours what took her 25 years to learn: How to capture the essence of people, compose great nature shots, how to see light, play with angle, and anticipate action before it happens.  Just bring your enthusiasm and your camera – digital, film, or point and shoot

“It made me see in a new way.” – Satya, Spain

“Lighting, angle, timing, composition and – I learned it all today.” Jacky, Korea

“I learned so much today, thank you it was so fun!” Virginie Paris, France

Mary Bartnikowski, a pro-photographer for 25 years and published author has led programs at Stanford University, Intel, Apple Computer, and her own photo workshops worldwide. She has shot thousands of portraits: babies, CEO’s, families, authors, yoga masters, teens, and over 700 weddings. Her latest book is Kitten Heels in Kathmandu, the Adventures of a Female Vagabond, about her 6 years of wanderlust and teaching in 27 countries on 4 continents.…


Mary Bartnikowski Photography

Mary Bartnikowski Photography

Mary Bartnikowski Photography


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