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Ambergris Today’s Kitty Rescue

I have to give much props to Saga Humane Society for their quick response during a kitty emergency I just recently had. Get this! Midway through my drive to meet up with friends I heard the cry of a kitten coming from within the vehicle. To my surprise a very skinny and weak little kitten was trapped underneath my car somewhere within the chassis and moving parts of the steering mechanism. Luckily the kitten was not crushed to death.

But it took about half an hour of coaxing to finally retrieve the startled animal. Many thanks to Argeni Santoya (bartender at Wayo’s Beachside Beernet), Coconut Leo (who happened to be nearby), Gerry and my friend Erin de Santiago (who provided these pictures) who all helped me. Another generous lady who was sitting at the bar also offered to bathe the cat and give it some food.

Ambergris Today's Kitten Rescue

The other savior of the day was Saga. I immediately contacted Kathy Marin of Pampered Paws, a very active volunteer over at Saga, who did not think twice about coming to pick up the kitten so that Saga could take care of it. God knows what I would have done with the kitten or where I could have found the proper shelter for it at that time of the evening. Kathy picked up the kitten and whisked it away to the caring hands of Saga Humane Society.

Thank you Kathy and Saga for providing excellent services to the island; the Humane Society does such great work with animals in Ambergris Caye and it is not only with dogs and cats. We have seen them take care of invading snakes, pesky raccoons, animal rescues of all types and even treating injured animals in the wild. It’s not all about pet animals.

Any donations, assistance and volunteer work are very much appreciated by Saga so that they can continue doing such fantastic work for the community.

*You can sponsor a dog or cat by going to
*If you see or hear of any animal in need, please call SAGA at 226-3266.
*Become a friend of Saga’s Facebook Page to keep updated with their work and show your support.

Ambergris Today's Kitten Rescue

Ambergris Today's Kitten Rescue

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