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Quite a Change!

We’ll take you through the obvious in this aerial courtesy of our good friend David Childs who lived in San Pedro for quite some time. The Salazar family building with Jenny’s Store was still there in place of Tabony’s mini mall.The Island Plaza has replaced the tiny office for South Wind Properties, and the Lions Den is a one floor building. Interestingly a tiny house sat where the spanking Belize Bank is now located. At the old site of Paradise Hotel there were still small cabañas and as many coconut trees as there are condominiums for the Phoenix today. Past BEL there is no police station, no firehouse, no Castillo’s Hardware, no Richies’, no SP Supermarket. And way in the distance, San Pedro High is one tiny single floor building. But look close to you. Fido’s has a burnt up roof, the result of a fireworks display and mishap by the Town Board celebrating Mother’s Day. Quite a change of San Pedro Town!

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