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Conch, An Interesting Specimen

Conch has always been an interesting natural resource, especially when it abounded around the shallow waters of Ambergris Caye. It made an interesting show for tourists on how to get that sucker out, like don Ramon Badillo illustrates. Some lovely shells actually make excellent souvenirs and collectible items. Conch is one of the world’s best marine products that can be eaten raw as is San Pedro’s popular ceviche. And conch actually produce some beautiful pink and yellowish pearls- Yes Pearls. The huge piles of conch shells on the beach is not a pollution hazard. Prior to the coming of steel, conch made the base and strength for a small concrete slab when cement first came to the island. Therefore nobody could have given Mr. Badillo a hard time for piling them up. Actually they gave him thanks for it.

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