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The True Sanpedranos

Just last week we carried an article about the true Sanpedranos not wearing shoes and the adults wearing hats. Well here is proof of it. In this flashback we see all the Sanpedranitos not wearing shoes except for Tulita Ayuso who was wearing shoes and a small pier of socks too. She was probably at Fido’s Pier waiting for the water taxi to take them to Belize City. In this Flashback, Don Rey Muñoz was also wearing his hat as most Sanpedranos would do on a daily basis. It is surprising that Gonzalo Muñoz did not have his shirt open. The scene is Fido’s small pier with Fido’s Hotel and its thatch restaurant in the background. The other celebrities are Reynaldito, Natty, Yesenia, Zoby, Maribel, and Granny Raf (short for Rafaela) with a baby.

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