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The Famous Celi Mac

This wonderful lady,Celi McCorkle, could be on the headlines several times each year, except that she chooses to work behind the scenes.  It started way back in the 1950’s when she became the first Sanpedrana to go to high school in the city. She is the Tourism Pioneer of San Pedro and again behind the scenes pumping water up the elevated water tanks with a hand pump.  Celi has been involved in practically everything that has to do with the development of San Pedro including BTIA, BHA, health, hotels, restaurants, gift shops, the airstrip, the high school, culture and more. No wonder Celi still looks as young and beautiful…it’s her ability to remain active as she still does today at the gym.  A salute to this Sanpedrana, granny, mother and friend who hosted us at the ever popular New Year’s Eve bash at Holiday Hotel.

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