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A Picturesque San Pedro

If we look back at San Pedro in the 1950’s this would be the most beautiful spot in the small fishing village.  Left to right, the small police station suitable for one small family, a tiny office for one officer and a mini jail for one too.  Next is a small sail boat used to sail a few miles to one’s fishing site. In the center at the background is the majestic three-story house of Papa Blake, the owner of San Pedro, the same gentleman who purchased the entire Island of Ambergris Caye for 625 dollars. In front of Blake’s House is the ever popular Daddy’s Club with its large dance hall right at the beach and so low to the ground that the chaperones (mothers) could hang around and watch the dance from the outside.  Finally on the far right is the large Roman Catholic Church running east to west with store room downstairs and the church on the first floor.  But don’t ever miss out on the main pier of San Pedro where all the merchandise for stores and all the lobsters were unloaded.  And then there are the ever anxious children desirous of a swim in the azure crystal clear blue waters of the Caribbean, I mean of San Pedro. It was simple picture perfect and picturesque.  No thatch houses in this photo?  No they were on the back street or Pescador Drive.

San Pedro Municipal Pier

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