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Simplicity Is Our Name

San Pedro and Ambergris Caye can be identified for its simplicity both in its origins, its middle ages and today as well. At first it was a path through the bush, thatch houses, small dories or canoes, coconut farmers, and a lagoon infested with mullet and bonefish and mosquitoes all over.

Then it was sand and grassy streets, wooden houses on stilts, sailing boats, lobster fishermen, and the sea infested with lobsters with still plenty of fish in the lagoon, and mosquitoes all over.

Eventually our picturesque little San Pedro acquired a few bicycles and vehicles, and the sailing boats were changed to small high speed skiffs with outboard engines, the fishermen became tourist guides, and our lagoon is still infested with bonefish and tarpon all of which cannot be caught for food because they are protected for tourists alone, and still mosquitoes all over.

Ambergris Caye Street Names, Ambergris Street

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