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Fido’s a landmark

There are several places that are landmarks in San Pedro. Holiday Hotel, Ramon’s Village, The Catholic Church, Central Park, and Fido’s are among those landmarks. .  Of course there are many upcoming new landmarks.  Fido’s Hotel seen here was built by Fido Nuñez in the late 1960’s.  It comprised of one long wooden building with rooms upstairs and a restaurant downstairs run by his wife Fina Nuñez.  The dog is standing in front of its small office operated by the chain of hotels known as Coral Beach Hotels, which sold tickets for Maya Airlines. Fido’s and the entire chain of Coral Beach hotels were pioneers in the tourism industry bringing rooms, restaurants, sea adventure, scuba diving, and entertainment. The best restaurants at the time were run by Coral Beach members like Fido’s, Alan Forman’s Coral Beach, and Tio Pil at Lily’s Hotel.  Fido’s will soon celebrate its 50th anniversary. Hats off to Fido’s

Fido’s Courtyard

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