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How To Cook Underground

The official name of this kind of cooking is called PIBIL.  It has the advantage of never being able to burn your food because you cook with heat only and not a direct fire.  Notice the hole on the beach where you will light up the firewood.  Place some hard rocks in the hole and heat them red hot.  When the fire dies down, you place your container with seasoned pork, beef or chicken well covered with plantain leaves or aluminum foil.  Now cover the hole with two or three pieces of zinc roofing or one sheet of plywood. Cover the plywood with sand and leave to cook for 8 to 10 hours or overnight.  Next morning your food is tender and moist and still warm.  There is your pibil, my friends.  The better your seasoning, the nicer your pibil.  In this Flashback, Luis Nuñez and Pete Ayuso are helping Principal Angel Nuñez to prepare a pibil right in front of Holiday Hotel for Mr. Al Felly, the high school benefactor.

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