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Old Fashioned Christmas & Dolls

The old fashioned Christmas is different for different ages-hams, wine apples, and live Christmas trees.  However for the young girls, the old fashioned Christmas meant a huge doll. “My doll can cry and say mama” boasted Chabby cheerfully as she tilted her doll in a horizontal position so it would cry. “And my doll can pee her pants” cried Neidy enthusiastically as she raised the doll’s dress and show how the doll’s pants were wet.  “Now look at my doll; it can drink its bottle,” boasted Wilema ecstatically as she placed her doll horizontally and placed a mini bottle in its mouth and everyone watched how the liquid flowed into the doll’s mouth.  “But my doll can walk” yelled Rilma in exuberance as she placed the doll on the ground, held her hands and slightly leaned her to one side so the doll would move one foot forward. If she leaned the doll to the other side, it would spring the other foot forward. Indeed in the absence of modern technology, the toy makers did find a way to make young children happy for Christmas.

Old Fashioned Christmas & Dolls

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