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The Beach of San Pedro in 1976

You don’t have to imagine it.  This is a piece of the beach of San Pedro when it was more a fishing village than a tourist destination. The small dories are typical of the small fisherman who went hand line fishing and diving for conch.  The small skiffs are typical of the bigger fishermen who had 300 lobster pats (traps) to check weekly and get the produce out for the export market.  The small piers or jetties were built at random by fishermen for them to anchor and to clean their produce. The sea weed scattered all over was typical of windy days in the village which did not have a town council to do the cleaning.  (Cleaning was done voluntarily by the villagers.) In the distance you can see a small pickup truck or land rover on the main wooden pier loading cargo for the grocery stores or loading lobsters into a boat for the export market. Yes, the large building is indeed The Famous Ambergris Lodge when there were only some five hotels on the Island. In the Areas of Fido’s Hotel you can still see a fishing boat hauled on the beach for repairs and a paint job during the lobster off season.  But we can all agree on one thing-the beautiful looks of San Pedro is still pretty much there today. Still there are the beautiful blue skies, the crystalline sea, coconut palms on the beach, the simplicity and tranquility of San Pedro.

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