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Following His Dad's Footsteps

Mayor Danny Guerrero is presently serving his term as mayor which in Spanish is an “Alcalde”. Well, he is simply following his father’s footsteps as his dad, Mr. Efrain Guerrero Sr. was once the alcalde or village council chairman for this village.  We were privileged to get hold of a flashback via Facebook of Chairman Efrain Guerrero as he went to the main pier to welcome and do some business for San Pedro with two government ministers. Pictured along with the chairman was Sandy Hunter, Minister of Public Service.  Mr. Octavio Alamilla was also present as the treasurer of the village council. Also featured is Mr. Priciliano Gomez, who was probably a member of the village council.  And the long standing Area Representative  for Belize Rural South was Honorable Louis ‘Cuz’ Sylvestre (pronounced Sylvester) to whom can be attributed many great accomplishments for San Pedro village and town.

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