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The Fun of Kraals

A  Kraal is defined as an enclosure for livestock, particularly cattle, but in Belize it also refers to an enclosure in the sea and used particularly for private swimming.  Back in the 1950’s business lady from Belize City, Mrs. Serafina Encalada (+) had a kraal in front of her vacation beach house in San Pedro by the Tackle Box area. It was enclosed with palmetto posts and even had a dressing room.  Later on in the 1980’s and 90’s Holiday Hotel had is private kraal as seen in this Flashback.

Whilst some people build them to keep fishes as a tourist attraction, Holiday Hotel had its kraal for its tourists to enjoy a safe swimming area due to the increase of boat traffic and accidents. We believe it is a wonderful idea for resorts to have private kraals for their tourists, and when it is not high season, they could very well open them on Sundays for the Island residents to be tourists in their own hometown.  Keeping a kraal in full-time use is advantageous in that it does not allow silt to settle. A public one at Boca Del Rio would also be an excellent idea as it would diminish the chances of boat accidents. So what do you think?

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