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The Roar of a Lion

The San Pedro Lions Club has been since 1975 the most active organization in San Pedro. They have been all that you would desire of an organization- united, transparent, hard working, helpful and successful.  Their accomplishments are too numerous to mention but their history of service is certainly notable.  Very outstanding of the Lions Club in years gone by was the physical presence of the Lions at work.  Very often you would see them with hammer, saw, trowel and spirit level repairing a home, building a fence, cleaning the beach, renovating a park, or even building a health clinic.  The Lions of San Pedro have been characterized as brave and loud-roaring men and women.  Their roar at meetings is a spirited loud roar that imitates a lion in the jungle.  However, their roar at work includes rubber boots, dirty hands, and sweat in the scorching sun. Kudos to the San Pedro Lions Club that indeed have a powerful roar.

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