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The Emergence of San Pedro’s Fishing Co-operative

We go all the way back to 1963 when the fishing co-operative was founded in San Pedro. And listen to the conversation of the three gentlemen in the photo. (James Howel Blakc, Dimas Guerrero and Efrain Guerrero)

“So what do you think of our fishing cooperative?” asked Chairman Efrain Guerrero enthusiastically.

“Well, this is the best thing that has ever happened to San Pedro,” exclaimed Mr. Dimas
Guerrero who was a fisherman since 1950. “Don’t you think so Papa Blake?  Even though you do not need to work, don’t you think this is good for San Pedro?”

“Well, yes it is very good for everyone,” commented Papa Blake. “Now that the coconut industry is dying, at least every Sanpedrano will be able to make a decent living by fishing?  Are you going to dive, Dimas?”

“No man, you are joking. Diving is for the young men like my son Ovidio and Orlando. I will set up my fish trap and I can live that much better than the wages I earned collecting coconuts in your cocal.”

And Chairman Efrain Guerrero added, “San Pedro is now exporting lobsters, fish fillet, conch and whole fish.  This is the best industry San Pedro has ever had because we all are the owners of our business.”

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