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The History of San Pedro's Community Center

You have heard this phrase “Multi purpose Building” used to refer to huge buildings that serve multi purposes. Well this building also served many purposes but at different times of its existence. The Community Center was built sometime around 1965. It was built with government material and 100% local labour.

The Community Center was used for public activities, like social dances.  A couple of Peace Corps volunteers lived there for many years and operated a library and child educational/recreational center for many years. By the way, the water reservoir on the ground level provided water for the village for some 15 years.  (NOTE water reservoir still there)  It was designated as a hurricane shelter but has never been used.

In 1971 San Pedro High School opened its doors for the first time right here. The door where the students are gathered was the Principal’s Office 1971 to 1987. The other door and first window was a small classroom of eight. The remaining windows was a classroom for Form One and Typing Room.

In 1987 San Pedro High moved to its own premises and the San Pedro Town Board remodeled it to the First San Pedro Town Hall under Mayor Gilberto Chico Gomez.  Six consecutive mayors have held offices here. Court sessions also took place here for many years.

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