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The First Belize Independence Parade

The year 1981, thirty two years ago, on September 21, Belize witnessed the first Independence Day parade ever and it took place in the commercial capital, Belize City.  By Belize standards this was the biggest parade in memory.  Take a look at the parade in Belize City.  It was one solid mass of people from the foot of the Belize Swing Bridge all the way down Albert Street as far as the eyes could see.  In a city of some 40,000 this parade must have had 50% of the entire inhabitants of the city.  No trucks, no golf carts, no floats- only men, women, and children rejoicing on the freedom of Belize.  It  was a freedom sought from our Colonial masters since 1798  and intensifying in 1950 when heroes like  George Price and Phillip Goldson and Nicolas Pollard  among others founded the People’s Committee which was later to become the People’s United Party.  This parade was a true image of patriotism.

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