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A Glimpse of Central Park in the 60’s

There are several points of interest in this Flashback. First of all we see the San Pedro Roman Catholic Church at exactly the same location it is today except that the length of the wood building ran from Barrier Reef Drive to the beach.

Notice the large expanse of land that existed from the church yard to the beach.  Then notice the large piece of land in front of the church. This used to be a playground where boys and girls played baseball and football at times. Also notice the large wooden vat or water reservoir beside the church.  This was so because annexed to the church right behind it was another large building that used to serve as the home of the nuns and the priests when they took their summer vacations in San Pedro.

On the left side of the picture is the front part of the famous Blake House which became Barrier Reef Hotel, and now The Alliance Bank.  On the extreme right of the picture you see part of the famous Daddy’s Club which was a bar and a dance hall.  Finally you might ask, why such a large crowd following the bride and the groom, Ovidio Guerero and Elia Aguilar? Well a wedding was not a common occurrence in San Pedro Village in the 1950’s and 60’s- perhaps one or two per year. That is why the entire village was out for the celebration with or without invitation.  

See if you can spot someone you know or a distant relative

A Glimpse of Central Park in the 60’s

A Glimpse of Central Park in the 60’s

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