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A Different San Pedro

There are several things that are quite different from this Flashback of San Pedro to our San Pedro of today.  For one thing, you do not see small residential homes in the downtown; you now see a business space almost everywhere in the town core. Secondly you do not see those patches of grass along the streets where villagers traditionally congregated to chat.You do not see laundry on the verandah; now the laundry is either at the laundromat or in the dryers at home.

Now let’s focus on people. Today you will not see young girls walking about the streets of San Pedro so informally in short pants and no shoes. No, today you see them in some sort of office uniform going to the workplace. Now take a good look at the man in the photo, Mr. Rudy Nuñez.  Most men walked around the village without a shirt, without shoes and if they wore pants it was rolled up half way up the calves. They wore shorts or more often their homemade underwear.  Don’t laugh but if they were to do so today, they would probably end up being arrested. This is a wonderful Flashback of our beautiful village life in San Pedro. Gone are the days of beautiful village life.

San Pedro Town when it used to be a small fishing village in Belize

A then-and-now comparison of Pelican Street on San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize

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