The Quiet Beach of a Fishing Village

A Quaint Fishing Village, Paradise, Isla Bonita, Belize’s No. One Tourist Destination- these are some of the descriptive words that have been used to describe Ambergris Caye and San Pedro.  The peacefulness of the island and the pristine beaches are the main characteristics that make San Pedro what it is.

The small mahogany skiffs and wooden dories were regularly hauled up the beach, on dry land, for maintenance or a good cleanup. The sandy beach areas lent themselves for children to socialize and play games. Maintenance of the beach was done by the villagers who planted palm trees such as coconuts and laid sand bags to prevent erosion. Way back in the background you can see the Elsa P, a small cargo vessel that brought all the merchandise from Belize City to Pedro.  It was quiet; it was quaint; it was peaceful; it was simply San Pedro.

The Quiet Beach of a Fishing Village

This is the same scene of the beach in present day Ambergris Caye, still with a large beach area only with a busier shoreline.

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