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To Serve and Protect Belize?

Every person in Belize is entitled to the fundamental rights and freedoms to the individual not to exclude the protection of the law. Now tell me BPD how are you serving and protecting when the first thing you search for is your service weapon???

I have many issues with what was reported by ACP Lino tonight….
1. The police was “putting her under control before taking her to station” so that’s how we take control of situations nowadays BPD by slamming the girls head various times into the cobblestone then kicking her? The video clearly shows PC Magaña slamming her head in and PC Madril kicking her like if it’s some trash on the ground unless you missed that Professional Standards Branch.

2. Not to mention that bystanders only became involved when the police officers began manhandling the girl in the first place. Again do SOP’s go out the door because you’re dealing with “just some girl from the bar”.

3. If the police initial response to the incident was to take out their issued revolver, I clearly question how the rest of the BPD handles any situation. That is definitely not in line with the Rules of Engagement. You use excessive force on an extreme aggressor. No one was extremely aggressing the police. You didn’t have to be there to figure that out.

4. “They acted that way to avoid people from attacking them.” Respectfully so no one was attacking them. “They resisted” I didn’t see anyone resisting them. “They did so to put control” they added hysteria to the entire incident. I urge you to simply listen to the video, then you’ll hear the exchange of words.

5. You said it yourself that police officers are discouraged to use their firearms and it contravenes SOP’s. Also I’m sure shooting warning shots are also against SOPs. A warning shot is a single shot in the air. Not 15 shots at cobblestone aimed inches away from people’s feet or half way up in the air like you’re in the Wild Wild West leave that to Will Smith.

6. What angers me the most after the lack of accountability and discipline is the demeaning and discriminatory manner in which the police department has already treated this investigation. “Because of her lifestyle” oh and I’m sure your source were the same police officers that said “she dah just some puta” All San Pedro knows that the putas biggest customers are the Belize police department. Where is the due diligence and due process that this girl deserves regardless of the fact that you made clear to mention that she was an immigrant. You’re investigation has proven it Mr Lino yet you have not found her. I wonder how that works…

I am so heartbroken and scared for the future of this country when we cannot expect law enforcement to properly enforce the law while abiding by the laws themselves. They defended themselves…right because they were faced with a fiery mob with torches.

Excessive use of force. Accountability. Discipline. Time to get with it before the community forces you to.

With plenty concern,

A worried Belizean citizen

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