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Escalante Neighborhood Concerned of Proposed Tower

To Whom It May Concern:

It has been brought to the attention of us the residents of Escalante Subdivision that a building and a 120 feet Tower is being planned to be installed in the area. We the residents of this residential area have been threatened by new businesses popping up in the area.

It is our opinion that we would like to maintain this Subdivision as a residential area. We agreed that development will bring change but currently San Pedro has other places where a tower for communication purposes can be installed. A tower will not only deface the area and bring certain hazards due to our inclement weather but will only reduce the already vibrant spirit of comfortable living in the area.  

If you should see it that you are not in agreement of this tower installation then please use your right to object to it being installed in the area. The neighbourhood residents were never consulted into this matter and do not think that is a good idea for our beautiful neighbourhood.

Escalante Subdivision

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