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Police are Abusive

Dear Editor,
Saturday nights in San Pedro Town are always busy especially this past weekend as San Pedro was celebrating its Patron St. Peter. As we all know the Police Department should be patrolling around making sure everything is in order when it comes to crime such as fights. Nevertheless, this Saturday a police officer was involved in the drama in front of Jaguar’s Temple Night Club. We all know that that is the place where most of the fist fights occur because of people over drinking leading to arguments between them; however somehow this Saturday it was a police officer who was in most of the fights with local residents from the island including a woman. Who does this police officer think he is? Just because he has a jacket saying he is a police means he can be abusing of people however he feels like. This is not only seen with this precise person but with most if not all of San Pedro’s policemen. They pick up on people who can do nothing for what the way they are treated. Policemen are some coward hooligans who abuse of local people causing the violence of the island worse than it already is. What thing is this? They should be helping in preventing and stopping these types of incidents to occur but instead they are the ones who are doing it. San Pedro is already dangerous and with the police men already involved with this who should we the concerned people call to stop this corruption from occurring?

/s/ Anonymous

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