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Rapid Uncontrolled and Perhaps Unregulated Traffic Woes

Dear Editor,  It is it with deep concern that we from the People’s United Party (Belize Rural South) write to our local news media with regards to the rapid, uncontrolled and perhaps unregulated traffic woes that are affecting our town in the most negative manner. For proof, this image that was taken this weekend in the Boca del Rio area that shows the importation of brand new golf carts presumably for rental. All this, at a time where traffic congestion is at an all time high, importations even higher, solutions and moratoriums at an all time low and the constant promise of less vehicle permits: a false reassurance to our community.

On a weekly basis the issue of traffic has been a hot topic on the local media as well as public discussions among social gatherings, creating negative reviews from our visitors. Downtown traffic has reached to a point where there is no parking space and residents find themselves circling around several times looking for a place to park. To make matters worse, the Council’s only solution so far has been to grant even more permits for the importation of several large vehicles and many more permits for golf cart rentals.

There are many questions to be asked directly to the Mayor and his councilors. How many more golf carts are yet to come in to the island? Are these the result of campaign promises? Who approves these permits, the mayor himself or a traffic committee? Is there an active traffic committee or have they too been overrun? If there is a traffic committee then who are they? The public deserves to know. Why isn’t the list of approvals published in the local papers as was done in the past? These are only some of the many questions that the residents of San Pedro deserve to know.

The Mayor has mentioned that he is creating parking space across from their unfinished dream, The Hon. Louise Sylvestre Sports Complex and Sunset Boardwalk. The new parking solution can only sum up to be a “sorry excuse for a solution” for a problem affecting almost every single island resident. 

We firmly believe that we have reached at a crossroad with chaotic traffic issues and the first test we will face is the Easter Weekend 2016. Therefore we make a public appeal that it is time that the area representative takes a serious look at what is happening at the town hall. After all he is also the minister and certainly he can launch an investigation by way of the Ministry of Local Government. This must be addressed urgently as we stand to kill the proverbial goose that is laying the golden eggs.
The People’s United Party
Belize Rural South

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