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New Year’s Baby. Congrats to Baby Leal!

Oh, the joy of having a new baby in the family, and in the community. Loved ones shower the baby with lots of love and gifts but being a New Year’s Baby comes with its perks – getting coverage in the best newspaper in town, Ambergris Today plus getting many gifts from the best businesses in town.

Every year we look forward in announcing the first baby of the year. This year we had a close call on Saturday, January 2, as Nurse Nathalie Palen of the Ambergris Hopes Clinic called in to say that a patient of theirs was in labor pains and would be soon delivering her baby. And a close call it was, but unfortunately the lady did not deliver her baby.

But on Tuesday, January 5, we got a call from a taxi driver who was taking home who he thought was the fortune lady who was the mother of the New Year’s baby. Having arranged tons of prizes for this fortunate baby and parents, including coverage of her famous birth, we set out to look for our San Pedro’s first baby of the New Year.

Mario Leal and Bertha Lydia Pasos are parents to this precious baby girl who has been named Angelie Leal. She was born at 11:45 a.m. under the diligent care of Dr. Miguel Allison and weighed 6 ½ pounds and measured 47 centimeters.

And how do the proud parents feel about this gift from Heaven, this miracle of life? “We were aware of all the great coverage and gifts that your Newspaper provides for the first baby of the year,” commented Ms. Pasos. “But we didn’t think that our lovely baby girl was the first baby of the year. We are very grateful for everything, especially for the safe birth of our precious daughter.”

In Belize City the first baby born in the New Year receives a hamper of goods from the Lions. In the United States one was born one minute after midnight of January 1, and she got T.V. coverage. So how does our San Pedro Baby rate with other babies? Hmm, the glitz and perk of living in San Pedro.

Here is a list of all the gifts received by Baby Leal and thanks to our generous sponsors.
*Crib from C’s Furniture World
*Full Coverage from Ambergris Today
*Photo shoot by Jose Luis Zapata Photography
*First two checkups with Dr. Daniel Gonzalez
*Jewelry by Mel Spain
*$200 from San Pedro Town Council
*$100 bank Account from Belize Bank
*Gift from Caye Supplies
*Gift basket from Le Clarice
*Gift Basket from Sweet Dreams Genesis
*Ceramic tile by Gecko Graphics
*Free check up for baby and facial for mom by Clinica Los Pinos
*Gift Basket from La Divina Providencia
*Gift Basket from Wings
*Gift Basket from Sexis Boutique
*Gift basket from Dalia’s Store
*Gift Basket from Richie’s Supermarket
*Gift Basket from War Paint
* Gift certificate from Ashely’s
*Gift from Happy Kids
*cake from Casa Pan Dulce
*Saving Account from Scotia Bank

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