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Melody Exhibits Art in the City

“I am extremely proud of having this opportunity to share my paintings and inspirations with the people of Belize City,” commented Melody Sanchez Wolfe to Ambergris Today as she readied to launch her art exhibit at the Bliss Institute, in Belize City.

Melody, a local Sanpedrana who has been dabbing in the arts since she was little, most recently opened her art gallery on the island and has been painting professionally for only four years. On Tuesday, February 9, 2010, she mounted a show at the Bliss Center in Belize City which she named Windows to the Soul.

This is the way Melody describes the eyes as she believes that they tell the story of a person’s feelings. Her exhibit brings together a variety of artistic styles which come from true feelings with every stroke of her brush.

Her paintings are illustrations that she created and compiled since last year and until as recently last week. According to Melody, her inspirations started with a job painting the picture of a pair of eyes and from then on she mounted a series of painting centered on feelings.

“Eyes just tell how people feel; they tell if they’re sad, if they’re happy and to me painting is how I express my emotions,” commented Melody to Channel 5 News in Belize City, “I called it Windows to the Soul because the eyes really tell how a person is feeling. Sometimes I put on different types of music…I throw the paintbrush to one side and use only my hands. Sometimes I just use a paintbrush and sometimes I take things and glue it on to the canvass and then go with it.” Melody says that her different moods inspire her art work, including her son who always asks to paint along with her.

Her exhibit is clearly focused on the eyes at thing Melody says that started fascinating her from her own admiration with one painting, the eyes of Freida Cahalo, the great female Mexican artist.

Windows to the Soul is Melody’s second solo art exhibit, her first in the city. Her last show was a successful even that took place last year at the Phoenix’s Red Ginger Restaurant. Windows of the Soul will run until the end of February.

Melody Exhibits Art in the CityMelody Exhibits Art in the CityMelody Exhibits Art in the CityMelody Exhibits Art in the CityMelody Exhibits Art in the City

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