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Rossy War in San Pedro

Sings to a very Special Fan of Hers

Rossy War, international Tex-Mex artist, was in Belize over the Valentine’s weekend to perform a series of concerts which included Belize City, Orange Walk and in San Pedro Town. But before her concert presentations, Mrs. Rossy War arrived on the island to perform a very special presentation to one lucky fan of hers.

On Friday, February 11, 2010, the Arceo family organized a special day for a beautiful angel, “Fatima Arceo” a four-year-old girl who has been suffering from Spina Bifida Oculta, a condition in which the spinal column does completely close, therefore not properly protecting the nerves. Fluid from the spine accumulates in Fatima’s brain causing an increased pressure on her brain which can lead to mental disability or death.

Fatima has struggled through over 13 operations to maintain her health and life. She has even fallen into comas due to her illness. Upon the invitation of the Arceo Family and hearing of her condition, Rossy War was more than glad to pay her a visit and sing to her number one fan. Fatima has fallen in love with Rossy’s “Capullo de Rosas” song and finds strength in this song after she survives each operation that she has gone through, requesting it by name.

As Rossy War got off the plane she was greeted by a group of fans, the Arceo Family and little Fatima. It was a happy moment as she stated that it was her first time visiting La Isla Bonita. Mrs. War was accompanied by her husband Tito and daughter Katia.

Patty Arceo, Fatima and the War Family were then taken on a tour around town and made three special stops at Blu Gift Shop, El Patio Restaurant and Premium Wines where Rossy War was given special gifts.

Mrs. Rossy War was then taken to Royal Caribe Resort where she was surprised by the Arceo Family and friends, as a luncheon was prepared for her on the beachside. The luncheon commenced with a performance by Miss Chiquitita SPHS, Nayobi Rivero and then a memorable serenade by Rossy War to Fatima. The luncheon was indeed a memorable one, a wonderful gathering that brought family and friends together to bring a happy smile on a beautiful Angel, Fatima Arceo.

“We are so happy to have Rossy War as our invited guest,” commented Patty Arceo, mother of Fatima. “Not only is she making one little girl extremely happy, but she is also helping us create awareness of this disease, which is a bit rare in San Pedro, but I know of many other cases around the country. It is very common in Southern Belize. The more people know and understand about it, the more help can be rendered to these poor children suffering from it.”

Rossy War performed in San Pedro for Valentine’s Day, Sunday, February 14, at Club Nirvana where she entertained a packed house and got rave reviews from those in attendance.

Rossy War – Daughter of singer Carlos Guerra, Peruvian Rossy War (born Rosa Guerra Morales) started singing Mexican traditional music at a very young age, mostly influenced by her father. Known as la Reina de la Techno-Cumbia (techno-Cumbia queen), Rossy War became the first local artist performing that style, a mixture of Tex-Mex and Colombian Cumbia. She made her debut album, called Como la Flor, in 1995, followed by Cositas del Amor in 1996. That album was released by Fama Records, a label founded by her husband musician Federico Alberto Mauri Almonacid.

Rossy War in San PedroRossy War in San PedroRossy War in San PedroRossy War in San PedroRossy War in San PedroRossy War in San PedroRossy War in San Pedro

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