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Assaults Highlight Police Reports

* Popular bar establishment BC’s Bar was hit by armed Robbers – Carlo Segura, 34-year-old, Belizean Bartender for BC’s Bar located on the beach front, reported to police that on Friday, March 12 at about 11:30p.m. whilst standing outside BC’s bar he was alerted by a barking dog. Upon making further checks he noticed three male person of dark skin complexion covering their faces; one of them had what appeared to be a hand gun. Shortly after he heard a loud noise resembling that of gunshot and discovered that the dog was shot. One of the assailants ordered him to go inside the bar and in the process stole from the bar approximately $810.00Bze in different denominations. Also stolen from him was his wallet containing his personal documents and his black Motorola cell phone. The culprits were able to escape and police continue their investigation.

* Big Daddy’s Bartender Assaulted and Stabbed – At about 4:00a.m. based on information received, San Pedro Police visited the Ambergris Hopes Clinic where they found a male person with various stab wounds. The male person was identified as Francisco Mendez 22-year-old, bartender of Big Daddy’s Night Club. He reported to police that about 3:30a.m. he left his work place and was heading home that is located on Angel Coral Street when he was attacked by a dark skin male person of Creole descent.

According to Francisco, the male person seemed to have been following him and as he arrived to his house the assailant bumped him from behind with a bicycle. Francisco was grabbed from behind and the assailant placed a knife on his throat, asking him for the money. Francisco was carrying with him three money bags from Big Daddy’s. As Francisco began shouting for help, the assailant inflicted a cut to his throat and a struggle ensued. Francisco received three stabs to his body, one on his lower back, one above the left elbow and another below his left chest. During the struggle one of the bags fell to the ground and the assailant managed to escape with it. The bag contained $437.00Bze; police continue their investigations.

Assaults Highlight Police ReportsAssaults Highlight Police Reports

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