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New Rules at Mexican Border

The Government of Mexico has implemented new rules for foreigners visiting Mexican territory, in order to eliminate requirements and simplify proceedings. These new rules are being applied at all Mexican borders. But Belize City media is reporting that over the weekend many Belizeans were surprised by a new process that caused hours of delays and long lines.

Among the new rules, Mexican immigration authorities presented a new universal immigration form to visit Mexico. All foreign visitors have to fill up this new form at the immigration office of any Mexican border every time they enter Mexico.

Under the new system, Belizeans will be able to continue using their passports in order to visit Mexico without any visa requirement. Additionally, all visitors, including Belizeans, will have to fill up the new immigration form with basic personal information included in their passports, every time they enter Mexico. This new format, which is available in English and Spanish, can be obtained free of cost from the immigration office at the Mexican border in Chetumal. Each visitor will have to show their passport and the new immigration form to the immigration official who will process the entry in an electronic system.

Belizean citizens who hold a border visitor’s card (FMVL) DO NOT have to fill up the new immigration form. This will mean a faster and expedite process to cross the border into Mexico. Belizeans are encouraged to apply for the FMVL card, which can be obtained only at the Mexican immigration office (INM) at the border. The card allows traveling within Quintana Roo, including Chetumal, Playa del Carmen and Cancun up to three consecutive days.

Among order purposes, the new system that is being implemented in all Mexican borders will provide more security for the crossing of visitors, it will simplify and give more transparency to immigration proceedings, and it will also provide more legal certainty to foreign visitors.

More information both in English and Spanish is provided at the Mexican immigration authority’s web site:

For further information in Belize, please contact the Embassy of Mexico, at 223-0193 or 223-0194, email or visit the Embassy’s web page at

New Rules at Mexican Border

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